Why "In a Nutshell?"

Naming a new brand or business can be a tricky job: how do you match the name to your offer? Do you go for something named after a person or place, an abbreviation, something descriptive or associative, or something made up or abstract?

The lack of available domain names is a further complication: there are more registered domain names than words in the English language. And you have to be careful - a perfectly ordinary business name can become a liability on the web: consider Therapist Finder (www.therapistfinder.com), Pen Island (www.penisland.net) and Mole Station Nursery (www.molestationnursery.com)!

Here is Sarah's story of the In a Nutshell name...

"When I started looking for a name for my fledgling business, I came up with a long list of what I thought were suitably clever names. A quick search revealed that virtually all were already registered domains. Happily, one of my favourites, In a Nutshell, was available (in hyphenated form). And the story behind the phrase seemed to complement my offer. It was all starting to fall into place!

According to my research, in Norse mythology, the hazel is the "tree of knowledge", sacred to the god Thor. And the modern English word, hazel, derives from the Anglo Saxon 'haesl', which signifies a baton of authority.

Further investigation revealed the hazel's association with wisdom and knowledge in other ancient cultures: the Roman's held the hazel is sacred to Mercury, who in his Greek form, Hermes, was the personification of intelligence. Celtic folklore tells a tale of nine magic hazel trees which grew around the Well of Wisdom and supposed source of the River Shannon, Connla's Well. These magic trees overhung the water and dropped thier nuts into the pool. In some versions of the story, the hazelnuts created bubbles of mystic inspiration that floated downstream from the well. In another account, the 'Salmon of Knowledge and Inspiration' ate the nuts and absorbed the wisdom they contained - which would be passed on, in turn, to anyone catching and eating the salmon. It is said that the phrase "in a nutshell" proably derives from this legend - because all the widom is in the nut.

I like to think that all this sounded appropriate to my offer: concise, practical information, research and knowledge managament to support clients' business growth.

And that is how the name In a Nutshell was born."