What we do


Our experience of working in the marketing and branding consultancy industry suggests that clients expect agency partners that have a deep understanding of their businesses and the worlds in which they operate. And more than that, they are seeking agencies that look beyond the immediate challenge, gathering ideas and inspiration from the world at large.

For Projects:

We are experts in delivering research for a range of branding, marketing and business strategy assignments. We excel in secondary research, finding information of all kinds from a wide variety of sources. And we can help in drawing key findings from primary research such as interviews.

For New Business and Marketing:

We believe that successful pitches and proposals always demonstrate a sound understanding of the key issues and trends facing the client's business and brands. Our research can help you show that you know:

- major economic, regulatory and political issues (and how these might affect your clients' business)

- major consumer trends, and how these are likely to impact upon your clients' future business

- your clients' competitors, how they present themselves in their markets, and how they are perceived

It is difficult to develop compelling and rigorously researched new business and marketing materials. We understand that the agency world moves fast and many executives do not have the time to dig deep and wide for material for new business and marketing content. Which is where we think we can help: with research and ideas for articles, newsletters, and website and blog content.

And even if you just need to know where to find information for yourself, with years of experience in digging out those critical facts, we can point you in the right direction. We'd love to help you with guidance on key information sources, including research reports, business and marketing press, trade associations, blogs, websites - and even public sector procurement websites.



We believe that agencies that share their knowledge, including ways of working, best practice and areas of expertise, are able to work more efficiently, and inspire greater loyalty from their people.

We have considerable experience of building knowledge sharing systems and cultures and would be delighted to help you with ideas and content for your intranet, internal newsletters, knowledge sharing sessions and internal awards.



We have provided research input for projects including:

- Strategic vision for an Abu Dhabi-based property developer (competitor profiles and analysis of internal research)

- Marketing planning for an international fmcg company (research into emerging consumer trends and sensory branding)

- New business development and marketing strategy for consulting engineering firm (profiles of six potential target sectors)

- Brand strategies for urban regeneration and new residential developments for a property developer (competitor and precedent analyses)

- Brand strategy for several fashion brands (market and competitor analyses)

- Brand strategy for travel/tourism organisation (market and competitor analyses)

- Profile of the senior living market (market and technical reviews, and competitor and precedent analyses)

- Development of a new professional services qualification (research into market potential)

- Branding in emerging markets book (research into iconography, naming, global/local branding, and development of case studies)

- 'Future city' ideas for a major development by a real estate investment trust (search for examples/illustrations of innovations in urban development)

- The future of retailing

- New market investigation for a professional services consulting firm (profile of the HR consulting sector)

- Development of a trends-led new business tool for a brand and design agency

- Development of blog and newsletter content for a research agency (marketing and consumer trends)

- New market investigation for an image bank (analysis of the magazine and book publishing industries - key issues and recent developments)



We have worked on projects for clients including:

- Aldar Properties

- Allianz


- Buro Happold

- Buck Consulting

- Carillion

- Credit Suisse

- Deloitte

- Emaar Properties

- Galleries Lafayette

- Getty Images

- Hosted Villas

- Institute of Chartered Accountants

- Jacques Vert

- Johnnie Walker

- Land Securities

- Learning and Skills Council

- Motorola

- Places for People

- Premier League

- SABMiller

- Samsung

- Vodafone